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Advocates for the new.

The team behind Frēsh have built a global panel of over 100 creative leaders and curators to establish the most prolific reviewing team ever assembled for a free awards showcase.

Shortlist judges are encouraged to review submitted entires across all categories, including creative fields that they don't specialise in - helping build a broader and more culturally-diverse scoring system that allows all creative work to be reviewed more fairly in terms of it's relevance and importance in terms of craft and context.

Following the two-step judging process that begins with our shortlist judges, awarded work will be showcased on the Frēsh 18 site and supported by a year-long programme from our curatorial group.

Our curators will focus on, and discuss, the importance and merit of the entries, celebrating their creativity, illustrating their role in forecasting trends and highlighting their contribution to our culture.

About Frēsh