Frēsh awards

Through our creativity we make sense of our world. Our capacity to create thrives when there are no boundaries, no borders and no limits. It is inclusive and diverse, it is individual and cultural, it is local and global but most of all it is free to everyone.

Frēsh 18 is an awards initiative for discovering talent and demonstrating a new way to reward creativity.


Reviewed for originality, freshness, inspiration, context and craft, each entry is submitted to one or two categories of work. Each category recognises a single gold, silver and bronze entry.

At the discretion of the judging panel, up to five notable entries within each category are also rewarded with a carbon award.

Frēsh awards - Gold

30 Awarded Entries

Frēsh awards - Silver

30 Awarded Entries

Frēsh awards - Bronze

30 Awarded Entries

Frēsh awards - Carbon

Up to 150 Awarded Entries


Each entry you add can be submitted to one or two categories. Choose categories that best fit the project you're adding and your role in creating it.


  • Narrative
  • Commercial / Branded content
  • Documentary
  • Music video
  • Cinematography


  • Portraiture
  • Advertising & Commercial
  • Retouching & Post
  • Landscape & Nature
  • Reportage


  • Architecture
  • Interior
  • Product & Industrial
  • Graphic
  • Illustration
  • Branding
  • Editorial
  • Information & UI
  • Packaging

Motion & 3D

  • VFX
  • CGI & Character
  • Motion Graphics
  • Animation


  • Fine Art
  • Sculpture
  • Installation


  • Styling
  • Fashion
  • Jewelry
  • Make Up Arts
  • Costume & Performance

Judging Process

The team behind Frēsh have built a global panel of over 100 creative leaders and curators to establish the most prolific reviewing team ever assembled for a free awards showcase.

Shortlist judges are encouraged to review submitted entires across all categories, including creative fields that they don't specialise in - helping build a broader and more culturally-diverse scoring system that allows all creative work to be reviewed more fairly in terms of it's relevance and importance in terms of craft and context.

Following the primary judging round all shortlisted entries are reviewed by a second team of creatives and curators. This scoring round determines which work is awarded.

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Celebrating Creativity

Following the two-step judging process that begins with our shortlist judges, awarded work will be showcased on the Frēsh 18 site and supported by a year-long programme from our curatorial group.

Our curators will focus on, and discuss, the importance and merit of the entries, celebrating their creativity, illustrating their role in forecasting trends and highlighting their contribution to our culture.

This year will remain intact as a permanent record of outstanding creative work, with an invitation for Frēsh 19 entries closing the year.

Founders & Partners

It wouldn't be possible to build a completely free initiative like Frēsh without the resources and platforms we've already established, and new relationships we're nurturing as we develop the showcase.

Frēsh awards - Fabrik

Fabrik is a creative portfolio platform born out of London's film and design industries. It's evolution is guided by the direct input of thousands of creatives that use the platform, and passionately maintained by a small founding team of designers and developers. Fabrik's mission is to enable, support and celebrate creative talent.

Frēsh awards - G.F Smith

G . F Smith is an independent British company that has been providing the creative world with inspiration since 1885. We're constantly seeking out new papers and processes, expanding our collections and adding to our knowledge.

Frēsh awards - Ello

Ello is The Creators Network, a publishing and collaboration platform connecting and supporting a global community of artists. Founded in 2013 by a collection of artists & designers, Ello re-imagines the future of creative work by providing a contemporary forum and virtual workplace for artists, brands, agencies, publishers, and their fans.

Frēsh awards - Glug

Based around a series of talks and informal networking, Glug has become one of the most exciting, credible and well-attended creative events around.

Alongside a regular events schedule, Glug also run events in conjunction with BIMA, D&AD, Adobe, WeTransfer, PickMeUp and charities such as Shelter.